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Groundbreaking women change the world every year. Thankfully, TIME took a moment to recognize that. (Time)

U.S. history books often tell the story of the world from a Western, male-centric perspective.

In an effort to uplift the stories of powerful women who may have been forgotten in the retelling of history over the years, TIME published a list called “100 Women of the Year” to recognize remarkable women from the past century.

Though the publication changed their annual award’s title from “Man of the Year” to “Person of the Year” in 1999, the name shift did not necessarily favor men less: Only 11 of TIME’s Person of the Year covers have actually included women. These 11 were kept in this new list; artists designed 89 new covers for the other years.

The new list begins with a group of women: the suffragists in 1920. Several groups of women are featured,…

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