‘To me, it doesn’t feel like elective surgery.’

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Imagine if you are a woman in her 40’s, already fighting against time, who felt like this round of IVF was her last chance. What about a woman diagnosed with low ovarian reserve or polycystic ovarian syndrome who has no other choice and she can feel every single month ticking by loudly?

I understand why IVF falls into the category of non-urgent in this time of COVID-19 but please remember that, for some, IVF feels urgent, is urgent. In terms of being elective, it is not. Not at all. Having gone through eight rounds of IVF I can assure you no one would ever elect to go on this journey except that it is, in many cases, the only option to have a child, a family.

To all those couples out there who were looking forward to these coming months with hope and possibility, I see, hear and feel you. All of this feels like another failed cycle, another setback to our dreams, and parenthood feels…

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