Today in Feminist History: It’s Time for Women to Make Real Living Wages (April 3, 1920)

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April 3, 1920: Over 88% of New York State’s women earn less than the $16.13 a week—the minimum income needed to cover basic living costs.

PHOTO: A $20 Double Eagle, equal to a weekly salary earned by only 5% of the women in the recent survey.

Seventy-one percent receive less than $14 a week, while only 11.6% get $16 a week or more.

Less than 5% earn $20 a week or more.

These facts were contained in a report made public today by the Consumers League of New York entitled “Women’s Wages Today.”

The group surveyed 500 women in various locations around the State and came up with a number of findings.

Though they were distributed across a variety of industries, the largest group of women workers, 23%, were saleswomen or cashiers in department stores, with the clothing industry coming in second at 17%.

They found that most of the women worked 48 to 54…

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