Today in Feminist History: Women Aren’t Too “Delicate” to Beat Men in Baseball! (April 2, 1931)

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April 2, 1931: Babe Ruth and Lou Gerhig struck out today, felled by a teenager who needed only seven pitches to earn herself a place in baseball history.

PHOTO: From left, Gehrig, Ruth and Mitchell, earlier today as she was warming up.

Jackie Mitchell, signed for the season on March 28th by Tennessee’s “Chattanooga Lookouts,” a Class AA minor league team, pitched her legendary “sinker” in an annual exhibition game with the New York Yankees, on their way home from Spring Training in Florida. 

Major league baseball is an Eastern and Midwestern phenomenon, with no clubs south of Washington, D.C., and Cincinnati, and none west of St. Louis, so Southern fans always pack the stands for the rare opportunity to see big league ballplayers locally, even if they’re only playing for practice. The contest here always attracts a good deal of attention from the local…

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