Today in Feminist History: Women Deemed Better Credit Risks Than Men (April 12, 1973)

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April 12, 1973: Credit abuses against women, such as a rule requiring a married woman who wants a loan to produce a doctor’s certificate stating that she is either using “accepted methods of contraception” or unable to have children, may soon be illegal in New Jersey.

PHOTO: New Jersey General Assembly Room at the State Capitol in Trenton.

By a unanimous vote, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act passed the State Assembly today, and now goes to the Senate. If passed there and signed into law by Governor Cahill (R), the bill would ban discrimination in credit on the basis of sex or marital status statewide.

According to the bill’s sponsors, four men and two women: “There is an assumption in the business community that women are poor credit risks. This assumption is false. To the contrary, available relevant studies indicate that women are better credit risks than…

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