Toddler’s Reaction to Target Ad Is Going Viral For the Sweetest Reason

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Oliver Garza, a one-year-old from Peoria, Arizona, doesn’t often get to see kids like him. But that changed on a recent trip to Target with his mom, Demi—and his reaction to one of the retailer’s in-store ads is probably the most heart-warming thing you’ll see today.

On February 4, Oliver came across a Target poster of another boy in a wheelchair and was stunned. In fact, he was so taken aback that he didn’t even respond when she called him. “I wasn’t really paying attention and he stopped his wheelchair and he flipped it around and looked at the poster. It was extremely heartwarming to see him relate to someone on a poster, he’s hardly 2 years old. We don’t get to see that kind of stuff out there. It’s the kind of role models these kids need. We just really valued that moment,” Demi told PEOPLE during an interview. “When I explained that the boy had a chair…

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