Two Families of Kids With Down Syndrome Sweetly Connect on Flight Home

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One mom’s sweet Facebook post about how she connected with another family on her flight home to Calgary, Canada is going viral.

Holly Graham was recently visiting Florida with her wife, Alex, and their two adopted young sons, Jaxson and Niko, both of whom have Down syndrome, she explains in the post. They were having trouble getting home due to flight cancellations, unexpectedly had to stay overnight in Toronto and were dealing with cranky children, Graham told TODAY Parents in an interview.

But her mood changed when she boarded their final flight home. “We’re dirty, we just feel all gross, the kids are exhausted,” Graham said, adding that they hadn’t been able to get their luggage. “We sit down, we get the kids settled, we’re watching people file on the plane, and we noticed a couple with their young man of a son who had Down syndrome.”

They wound up in the row in front of…

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