Uh, celebs are losing their minds.

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Right now, there are many words to describe what is going on in the world.

Weird is one of the more understated ones, but for the purpose of this story it’s going to be the one I use… and my god, things are weird right now.

We’re all struggling, moving from our homes to our homes… for work, learning TikTok dances in our spare time, and just sort of… sitting there, with our minds.

Celebs are getting… creative in isolation. Post continues below video.

If it’s any solace (it’s not), we’re not the only ones losing it.

Celebrities are slowly unravelling right alongside us, but in their cases they’ve decided to share the deepest, darkest parts of their minds with literally millions of people on social media.

Most of it is like a car crash: Bad, like really bad, but oh my god we can’t look away and some of it – like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s donkeys – is the exact kind…

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