Video of a 4-Year-Old Calling Herself Ugly Shares an Important Message

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Self-confidence and self-love often starts at a young age. Yet, some parents might have the upsetting experience of having their child say to them they feel inferior to those around them, either because they’re “ugly” or “dumb” or something else. Now, one heartbreaking video of a 4-year-old girl calling herself ugly is going viral—and it shares an important message.

The video was posted to IGTV by a Georgia-based hairdresser identified as Shabria in the comments. In it, 4-year-old Ariyonna says to the camera, “I’m so ugly,” after seeing her reflection in the phone—and it’s hard to watch. The hairdresser doing her hair is shocked and immediately begins to tell the girl how pretty she is, which makes the girl sob in her arms. “Don’t say that! You are so pretty! When you look at yourself you suppose to say, ‘I am so pretty’— you got the prettiest little…

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