Ways 2020 will change us for the better.

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We’ve read the headlines and seen the images about people queuing for hours outside Centrelink offices, and the myGov website buckling beneath the hundreds of thousands attempting to apply online.

Many have never been in this position before, and many assumed they never would (some of my nearest and dearest are among them).

Wondering if you qualify to get some financial relief in these uncertain times? A finance expert explains. Post continues after podcast. 

Through all this, our community may finally begin to appreciate what it means to survive on $565.70 a fortnight — cries we’ve chosen to ignore from welfare recipients and advocates for so long. And we may finally begin to shrug off the stigma about leaning on welfare. Because no one is looking down on those people in the queues this week; they are innocent victims of circumstance, people who need support to get through.


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