We Heart: BLM Protester Samantha Francine Stares Down Racism

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On June 3, in Whitefish, Mont., an all-too-common scene emerged: an angry white man yelling profanities at peaceful protestors.

When the man became confrontational with Samantha Francine, 27, though, she did not back down. In fact, she raised her sunglasses so that he would have to look her in the eyes.

Samantha Francine stares down an anti-BLM protestor Jay Snowden as he yells obscenities in her face. (Grace Jensen)

The man, identified as Jay Snowden, was removed from the scene and charged with disorderly conduct the following day.

Floored by her bravery, Ms. writer Sarah Montgomery spoke with Francine about what happened that day, her experience as a Black woman in rural Montana, and what—and who—keeps her going.

Sarah Montgomery: Can you tell me, from your perspective, what happened that day? 

Samantha Francine: That was the second day I had been out…

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