We Heart: These Relatable Reactions and Sound Advice for COVID-19 on Twitter

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Activists, actors, government officials, journalists and everyone in between has been contributing to the COVID-19 conversation for weeks.

Yet, to this day, the president claims he “[doesn’t] take responsibility at all” for the growing number of cases and deaths plaguing the U.S.

And, even worse, throughout the pandemic, Trump has spread misinformation and outright lies: suggesting the summer’s warm weather will make the virus go away; blaming the spread of the virus on immigrants and the “Democrat policy of open borders”; comparing it to the flu; bragging about the availability of tests; blaming the Obama administration; suggesting screenings were being done at airports; boasting that he is the “number one on Facebook” and that his press conferences are getting excellent ratings; and more.

Luckily, powerful women on Twitter have been picking up the…

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