We Need to Be Actively Anti-Racist—18 Articles on How to Take Action Now

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    Madeline Galassi

This week, it’s been hard to navigate how to approach our content here at The Everygirl.  Talking about shoes and summer clothes and even career advice suddenly feels not only inappropriate but also fully trivial in light of what’s happening in our country. While these are an escape from daily life—especially in times of crisis—and something we will always provide, we also can’t and won’t ignore the greater issues we’re facing in the United States.

Above all, one thing is unquestionably true: change is needed, and for it to happen, the first step is to be as informed as humanly possible. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and to listen to the voices that are fighting to be heard—so we’ve rounded up articles from various publications that are a great place to start. 











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