Weaponizing Racism in the Wake of COVID-19

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In recent days, Chinese Americans have reported being spat at, threatened and physically attacked. 

The rise in anti-Asian assaults at grocery stores and schools, and in subway stations and neighborhoods, has not spared children: A 16 year-old boy was attacked at his San Fernando Valley High School in California, as classmates accused him of spreading COVID-19.   The boy was briefly hospitalized out of fear that he may have received a concussion from the assault. 

Nor is this a problem isolated to physical spaces: Online attacks and micro-aggressions against Americans of Asian descent in virtual spaces and social media have also escalated in the wake of COVID-19—so much so that a website has been launched by San Francisco State University’s Asian American Studies Department to track online harassment.  

Sadly, anti-Asian sentiment is not new in the United…

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