What Girls taught us about love and friendship.

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Best of all, Girls celebrated the euphoria of when friendship was at its best, its absolute recklessness; the parties and late nights and the unbridled freedom of friends.

I started thinking about Girls again when a close friend of mine passed away this time last year. She was my ride-or-die through my early twenties; the only one that understood. She was a Jessa, and flew a little too close to the sun – she too was in and out of rehab like Jessa was in the later seasons of the show. I miss her and her energy dearly.

Her death last year coincided with the first month of my thirties – a time where self-acceptance really does come more easily; where relationships feel less volatile and work either picks up or takes a back seat for the next big phase.

I’d like to think that’s where the women of Girls are now – stepping with more clarity into their lives and roles, still questioning…

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