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On Monday, thousands of people lined up for hours outside Centrelink offices across Australia, but on Tuesday Social Services Minister Anne Ruston told Nine’s Today show that only those without a phone or access to the internet should line up.

“If we can all avoid going to Centrelink today, that would be great,” she said.

Centrelink will boost its workforce by 5000 people to deal with the influx of applicants and extend call centre hours, but because of social distancing measures there will be less staff at centres.

With the influx, wait times and long queues online and in person are to be expected. Before getting in contact, it is worth reading the FAQs on Services Australia’s website.

Is there a waiting period and asset test for the Coronavirus Supplement?

Waiting periods and liquid asset tests have been waived for the Coronavirus Supplement.

Can I access annual leave or income…

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