What I learned from affairs, after being on both sides.

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If we want to enjoy healthier relationships, we need to be honest with ourselves and each other. No two relationships are going to be the same.

Sometimes, the chronic cheater does clean up their act. Often, they don’t.

At the end of the day, we have to live with both our good and bad choices. We have to deal with the relationship we have, not just the one we want or wish we had.

People cheat for different reasons.

Seriously, folks. Sure, I’d say there’s always some element of fantasy involved, but it’s silly to think we thoroughly understand the motivations behind every spouse who cheats and every person who willingly dates someone who’s already married.

Some people cheat out of boredom. Some cheat because they truly think they’ve met the love of their life. Other people cheat to escape their problems, while some do it in an effort to blow up their relationship.

I’m not going…

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