What it’s like being in a relationship with the person you had an affair.

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We ate dinner. He talked in detail about the end of his previous relationship. Talking about an ex on the first date. Great first date talk, I thought. I tried to pretend I was interested by asking questions, but I wasn’t. I was annoyed. This wasn’t going as well as I would have hoped. He was sweating and kept rambling. He mopped his forehead with his napkin.

Mamamia’s award-winning podcast The Split discusses navigating separation. Post continues after audio.

After we ate dinner, we sat on his couch talking and then he excused himself to go to the restroom. I could hear him going to the bathroom. Loudly going to the bathroom. I could hear all of it. He ran water, but it didn’t matter. I tried to ignore it. Tried to pretend it wasn’t going on.

When he came out, we kissed. Tentatively.

“We could move this to the bedroom,” he said.

“No, that’s all right,” I…

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