What it’s like living alone during COVID-19 self isolation.

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I live alone in an apartment, and as an introvert, it doesn’t bother me too much (at least not yet!). I’m able to work from home and have regular conference calls, so during the week I am connecting with people regularly. I make sure I get outside at least once a day, whether its for a walk, to the supermarket or for a drive.


I am definitely struggling at the moment. I have friends who check in, and I try to check in on them – I talk to my family regularly but they are overseas, the time difference is not always easy and I don’t want to worry them.

I lost my cool today when a friend said this might take six months, see you in September. It’s frightening to know I may only hug another person in a couple of months. I do a meditation a day online with a live group and hope to find some routine again and feel better… It’s tough with the pressure to learn a new…

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