What It’s Like to Live in Washington, DC Right Now

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For days now, my conversations with my husband have been a broken record, debating the same question over and over: do we stay? Or do we go? 

I live four blocks from the U.S. Capitol in a charming neighborhood filled with Victorian row homes, decades-old businesses, and trendy restaurants. For all the party-driven tension that resides at the top of the Hill, those of us within the Capitol Hill neighborhood enjoy one of the quieter, most historic, community-focused enclaves in Washington, DC. 

I always tell friends outside the District that we’re fortunate within Washington that we’re somewhat sheltered from the political echo chamber that often develops within social circles, and that we’re privileged to engage in thoughtful discussion with people who truly care about the world. It’s a small town and you inevitably collect friends from both sides of the aisle. You…

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