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“I wasn’t comfortable doing it, I didn’t like doing it. But it was sort of like… what if,” she said.

When she decided the job wasn’t for her, Cassie says her bosses introduced her to a mystery man who offered her work as a courier.

After a few months of working for the man, who Cassie says goes by the name of “Joshua,” she accepted a $10,000 international job from him to transport ‘documents’.

In April 2017, Cassie boarded a flight to Bogota, Colombia.

After previously referring to the mastermind behind the drug operation as simply ‘Angelo,’ Cassie has now revealed his full identity: 39-year-old Brazilian drug lord named ‘Angelo Sanchez’.

“I wouldn’t say that I was lying [previously] but I wasn’t giving you everything,” she admitted to 60 Minutes.

Cassie says that after meeting Angelo in Colombia, he told her that she “had to do what he wanted,” and that she “didn’t have a choice.”

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