What We’re Buying From Studio McGee’s Target Collection

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    Ashley Selleke
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    Studio McGee

We’re on our third week of quarantine and, if you’re feeling as stir-crazy as I am, you’ve likely rearranged your furniture a minimum of three times to “spice things up.” No? Just me? OK. As I scroll through Pinterest and Instagram, I’m continually being fed beautiful photos of entryways, bedside tables, gallery walls, and throw-pillow arrangements that—paired with too much time staring at the same four walls—have made my inner-HGTV designer want to come forth more than ever before. 

If there is a quarantine God, the Studio Mcgee/Threshold partnership at Target is proof. The pieces include furniture, decor, and textiles that feature simple details to elevate any space. Shea McGee, designer and stylist of Studio Mcgee, believes in decor that is approachable and beautiful, and a quick glance of her…

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