When is coronavirus likely to end? Here’s what the experts are saying.

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As authorities consider ways to limit the spread of novel coronavirus, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told Australians to brace themselves for ongoing disruptions to their daily lives.

“We are looking at a situation of at least six months for how we deal with this,” Prime Minister Morrison told a press conference on Wednesday. “It could be much longer than that. It could be shorter. That is unlikely, given the way we are seeing events unfold.”

That, right there, is one of the major causes of anxiousness about this pandemic.

The one question everyone wants answered, well, it can’t be. Not precisely anyway.

How long will the novel coronavirus pandemic last?

COVID-19 is an entirely new virus, so researchers are working around the clock in an effort to understand it. While progress is being made every single day, there are still several unanswered questions about how this virus…

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