When will coronavirus peak in Australia? Mid-April, experts say.

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Australia is two weeks away from COVID-19 peak, experts say.

Australia could reach the peak of our coronavirus outbreak by mid-April, new research from the University of Sydney’s Centre for Complex Systems has found.

The data indicated that if Australians continue to comply with the social distancing rules implemented by the government, the nation can expect a total of 8,000 to 10,000 cases for the duration of the pandemic.

Further to this, if 90 percent of the Australian population adopted social distancing, the spread of COVID-19 in Australia could be controlled by July 2020.

“Australia is very close to the incidence peak, and in two weeks’ time may be approaching the prevalence peak,” lead researcher Professor Mikhail Prokopenko said.

“What this means is that the number of new daily cases will begin to steadily reduce from now on. The number of all ‘active’ cases may…

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