Where is the Ruby Princess now? Off the coast, as covid cases rise to 215.

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Two Ruby passengers have died – a 77-year-old woman in New South Wales, a 75-year-old woman in Queensland – and there are now positive coronavirus cases in Utah America, NSW, QLD, NT, SA, WA, ACT and Tasmania as a result of the ship.

The cruise was responsible for bringing in the very first case of the virus into towns such as Tamworth, reported the Northern Daily Leader.

In the NSW Hunter region they noticed a surge of cases as a result of the cruise.

What about the crew?

The Ruby Princess is still floating off the coast of Sydney with more than 1100 crew quarantined on board.

Over the weekend, three were brought back to land and taken to hospital with serious COVID-19 symptoms.

They were evacuated with the help of police.

A spokesman for the Carnival Cruise company said the three crew members were suffering acute respiratory symptoms, and thanked authorities for transferring the…

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