Where to Find the Best Online Childbirth Classes

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So much about the labor and birth process feels shrouded in mystery for first-time parents. Sure, childbirth is a natural process and our body eventually takes control, but understanding what’s happening to our body and how to help it along is key—and it’s not something we’ll learn by simply scrolling through beautiful images of birth on Instagram. To really prepare for the experience of labor and delivery, turn to an expert-led childbirth class.

“All first-time families should take childbirth education—it really should be a blanket requirement because it gives them the foundational framework of what to expect,” says Amy Johnson-Grass, president of the American Association of Birth Centers. “Right now, in this country, everyone learns about pregnancy from social media—[real life] is really so far from that.”

Benefits of Online Childbirth Classes

While most…

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