Why his past relationships haven’t worked.

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In 2011, Kyle began dating model Imogen Anthony after meeting at Kyle’s 40th birthday party.

In 2014, Imogen, a model and designer, told Maxim she knew their relationship was real when Kyle, now 48, told her he loved her after just two weeks.

They had a 20 year age gap, but according to Kyle, age was not a factor they ever worried about.

“I don’t see any age difference between us,” he said in 2013. “She is not a super-young 22-year-old and I am not a super-old 41-year-old.

“I am a workaholic but I spend every moment I can with Imogen.”

Imogen told News.com.au last year their relationship worked so well because she and Kyle are basically “the same person”.

But in November 2019, after weeks of speculation, Kyle confirmed the end of his relationship with Imogen.

“We haven’t been living together for a few months, quite a few months, unfortunately, it’s run its course,” he said on The…

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