Why isn’t Australia in lockdown? And should it be? An explainer.

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Why isn’t Australia in lockdown?

As of Wednesday afternoon, Australia has 2,423 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and has recorded eight deaths.

Forty per cent of those cases — 1,029 — have been reported in NSW alone.

Scott Morrison has said that the goal of Australia’s response is: “to slow the rate of transmission of the coronavirus within Australia.”

So far, that has involved a, sort of, bit-by-bit approach that’s led us to extensive travel restrictions, the closure of a large range of non-essential businesses (including restaurants, pubs, clubs, casinos etc.) and restrictions on gatherings.

Some argue the obvious next step is community lockdown, and that it should happen soon to be most effective in “flattening the curve” (i.e. slowing down the number of new cases per day, so hospitals don’t become overwhelmed).

But the AHPPC doesn’t agree. Yet.

In a statement issued on…

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