Why people congregated at Bondi on Friday.

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It doesn’t tell you that a cruise ship docked in Sydney, and 2,647 passengers disembarked and walked straight out into the community.

It doesn’t tell you that less than a week before, our Prime Minister was planning on attending a rugby league game with tens of thousands of people, because his “beloved Sharks” were playing.

It doesn’t tell you that just eight days ago, our Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy announced to the Australian public that shaking hands and going to the gym were “low risk”.

It doesn’t tell you that Australia has no clear system by which to disseminate critical information to its community. While the Singaporean government sends alerts to people through Whatsapp, and Japan has had clear public messaging about hygiene since early February, Australia has managed neither. The first ad campaign encouraging Australians to wash their hands was released…

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