Why you’re feeling tired from doing nothing in COVID-19 isolation.

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Am I just tired or is there something more going on?

Feeling tired at the moment is part of our new normal. So is feeling emotional, but experiencing exhaustion along with feeling down and negative feelings that won’t go away is something to take seriously.

“Mood disorders can also make you feel very tired. It’s not uncommon as a GP for a patient to present with fatigue and for an underlying mood disorder like generalised anxiety disorder or major depression to be uncovered. It’s really important right now to keep a close eye on your mental health.”

“If you think you are persistently low in your mood and energy levels, and your outlook on life and the future is consistently negative, then you should ideally seek help from your doctor or psychologist.”

Medical conditions like iron deficiency and hypothyroidism can also cause fatigue, so if you’ve been feeling flat for a while or are…

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