Will we have a coronavirus baby boom? The answer is sad.

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“People who’ve delayed births due to the uncertainty might decide to have children then. But it’s unlikely, on the balance of things… Australia is more likely to see foregone births than a boom and this will have consequences for Australia’s future,” Dr Allen explained to Mamamia.

In fact, Dr Allen fears coronavirus will have an unprecedented generational impact and our population will be forever changed.

“Australia’s population is ageing and not replacing itself. Evidence from elsewhere in the world shows that as birth rates become very low, say around 1.5 and under, birth rates don’t tend to bounce back. In other words, Australia could be faced with a decline in its population in the future, which isn’t a bad thing in its own right.

“The problems stem from the fact we will then be in a position that families, especially women, will bear the brunt of socioeconomic stress…

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