Women Healthcare Workers Deserve Fair and Equal Pay

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Right now, women in healthcare are on the frontlines of the response to COVID-19, risking their safety every day to save the lives of those critically ill.

Yet, while women make up 78 percent of the healthcare field overall, they consistently make less than their male counterparts across the board. 

This national Equal Pay Day we want to recognize healthcare workers’ courage and hard work by drawing attention to the pay inequity they face.

Pictured: Registered nurse Vanie Boyajian vaccinates a child for polio at the Howard Karagheusian primary health care center, in Beirut, Lebanon on March 23, 2016. (World Bank)

Racial and ethnic pay inequities compound the problem of the gender gap. Women of color make even less than their white female colleagues across all industries. 

On average, Black women make 65 percent of what white men earn, Hispanic women make 61…

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