Women’s Unpaid Labor is Globally Worth $10.9 Trillion, Report Says

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Unpaid labor is just what it sounds like. It’s the work that’s done to care for children, to care for older family members and to keep the house running—and, more often than not, it’s done by women. Now, analysts are looking at just how much that unpaid labor is worth on a national and a global scale.

Yesterday, in honor of International Women’s Day on Sunday, The New York Times, put out a report on how much women would have made last year had they earned minimum wage for all their unpaid work. The analysis, conducted by Oxfam, found that globally their unpaid labor was worth $10.9 trillion. According to the findings, that number is higher than the revenue earned by the 50 biggest companies on Fortune’s Global 500 list last year, including Walmart, Apple and Amazon.

Looking at countries around the world, the report states that India has the largest gender gap in unpaid…

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