Your Phone is Filthy—Here’s How to Clean It

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News flash: our phones are absolutely disgusting.

If you’re anything like me, you’re consistently touching your phone. On a normal day, you can find me constantly responding to emails, checking notifications, scrolling Instagram, and answering phone calls from telemarketers (seriously though, what if I miss the one call from that unknown number that tells me I’ve won the lottery?). I set it on a toilet paper dispenser while I pee for the fourth time after my first cup of coffee, I have it handy while navigating my commute on the train, I keep it close in the kitchen so that I can reference a recipe when I’m cooking, and I sleep with it a foot away from my face. 

According to the University of Arizona, our phones have 10 times more bacteria than an average toilet—yikes. Think about it: bathrooms already have a germy rep and are part of our routine binge cleaning sessions….

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